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About Us

Welcome to!! The online store A2Z is created to cater the need of online shoppers to find quality products at reasonable price. The online store provides a range of products for man woman and kids.

The store is managed by Bangalore based start-up Embenet Technology Solutions Private Limited

Our mission is to provide high quality Indian products to the end users at affordable price. 

  • To provide High Quality India Product to the end uses at affordable price. 
  • Create a trusted brand Value for Us and our re-sellers
  • Use the technology to provide better market for our sellers
  • Use the technology to ensure the benefit reaches to sellers and buyers     
  • Ensure access to regional traditional  wear to all part of the country under one platform.

Knowing a little of everything always keeps you in good humour with friends. There you have it inadvertently we stumbled on the lesser known formula for success- is being well read. You must have an opinion about everything. As clothes have interested man since the ages and we at A2Zkart adore sprees therefore, the stories don’t end or quest is to give our readers more value for money. Our aspirations are high and we wish to quench your thirst. While we go to the length and breadth of our country to get information, anecdotes, weavers trials and jubilations. You can read all of this at your will and fancy. A mixed bag of reading will add depth to your life. We are your best friend and as friends are supposed to be loyal to each other. We promise to keep abreast of things and there will never be a dull moment in your life.